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What a puzzle this is!
The world isn't as you please;
We tell our troubles to everyone;
They listen only to the gun.

Some have things to do,
Some have no underwear or shoes,
They have mouths and noses and ears
But most suffer from fears.

Some believe in the prophet,
Some wear a gold chain and a locket,
Some become scribes, writing books,
Some cheat their cooks.

Some carry a sword,
Some heed the word,
Some chase women at night
Without a hangover by daylight.

Is this how the design should be,
An elephant swallow a flea?
While seven people in a house
Make do with the share of a mouse.

To be brief, it's confusing.
The rich the poor are using.
We sent God a letter,
It got lost in the shredder.

Orhan Veli Translated by Murat Nemet-Nejat, 1989

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