November 9

A note on implementing equals on generic types here.


October 28

Exam 2 review slides [ppt, pdf], the Fall 15 test here. Answers to selected problems here.


October 26
There is permanent room change to our Thursday office hours. Starting October 26, 2017, our office hours on Thursdays will be held at CII 3226. The time is the same: 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. (The room change is out of our control, we were just told we cannot be in AE217 anymore. Thanks for your understanding.)

Please have your RPI ID card with you since you will need it to access the room. Your IDs have already been added to the building access list.


September 30

Exam 1 review slides [ppt, pdf], the Fall 15 test here. Solutions to some of the problems here.


September 25

Several students have reported that Dafny at is not working. There are binary downloads for Windows, Mac and Linux at Konstantin has written detailed instructions on how to install and run Dafny on Windows on the LMS discussion board. If you have questions about Mac or Linux, email us or post on the LMS discussion board.


September 14

BRING YOUR LAPTOPS to class on Friday, Sept 15th for another Dafny lab!


September 12

Homework 1 is posted. Follow the instructions to clone the new repository and access homework text.


September 4

Homework 0 is posted.